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Amicable and Cost Effective Solutions

Conflicts involving families, divorce, probate and estates can escalate quickly. Mediation and Collaborative Law offer efficient and relationship preserving alternatives.

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Illinois Mediation Attorneys

Glen Ellyn Mediation Lawyer

Certified Mediators in DuPage, Kane, Will, and Cook Counties

At A. Traub & Associates, we are focused on providing clients the most effective and cost-efficient legal solutions. In many cases, mediation can save participants time and money while allowing them to resolve their differences amicably. The process is non-binding, and it takes place in a non-threatening environment that is more conducive to developing peaceful and workable solutions.

Attorney Angel Traub is a certified mediator with many years of experience and a strong track record of success helping parties resolve their differences. She works closely with participants, bringing all parties together toward achieving a positive outcome. She is on the list of court-approved mediators for DuPage, Kane, Will, and Cook Counties.

Family Law Mediation

Family issues can become contentious and emotionally-charged, resulting in costly litigation that tears families apart. Mediation can be a viable option for resolving issues with adoption, paternity, and other family legal matters.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is highly stressful for all parties, especially if children are involved. For couples who want to dissolve their marriage peaceably and in a way that preserves relationships, mediation can often be a successful option.

Probate Mediation

When a loved one passes away, disputes over estate and trust administration and other similar issues can drag on for months or years. Probate mediation can be used to successfully resolve even the most complex disputes.

Guardianship Mediation

Filing for guardianship of a disabled or elderly loved one is a major step that can cause family conflict and legal battles. Mediation allows family members to resolve guardianship disputes more amicably.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an increasingly popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is a non-binding process that is facilitated by a neutral, third-party mediator. The role of the mediator is to help parties identify the underlying issues and find common ground toward resolving these issues in a way that benefits all participants. Mediation can be voluntary or court-ordered. In either case, both participants must be in agreement for an issue to be settled, and the mediator has no authority to impose a settlement that either of the participants is opposed to.


When to Use Mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve virtually any legal dispute. However, it is not appropriate in all cases. In cases in which there is a history of mental illness, domestic violence, and various types of abuse, mediation should not be used at all. There are also certain circumstances that increase the chances of a successful mediation.

MediationParticipants should enter the mediation process in good faith.
MediationParticipants should be flexible, open-minded, and willing to work cooperatively.
MediationParticipants should choose a mediator with extensive experience and a high success rate.

Collaborative Law

A collaborative law divorce is right for couples who want to bypass traditional litigation, but still want to have legal representation. Divorcing spouses and their attorneys agree to participate in good faith and maintain the status quo while the process is ongoing. If participants choose to withdraw from the process, their attorneys cannot represent them in a subsequent court case. This incentivizes all parties involved to reach a successful resolution.

Attorney Angel Traub is trained and certified by the Illinois Institute of Collaborative Law, and she has in-depth experience with the collaborative divorce process.

Our Attorneys

Angel M. Traub

Attorney and Certified Mediator

Attorney Angel Traub is the principal owner of the law firm of A. Traub & Associates. She is experienced in a wide range of practice areas, and her primary areas of focus are family law, adoption, estate planning, probate, trust administration, guardianship, and real estate.

Jessica Wollwage-Rymut

Attorney and Certified Mediator

Jessica has been licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois since 2011. Since completing law school, Jessica has focused her practice on family law, estate planning, guardianship, and estate administration matters.


  • Angel was the Best, she was so supportive at all stages in my case. She always replied to my emails and responded to my phone calls when I set up a phone appointment. She was very patient in listening to my views and concerns, and she corrected me if my suggestions were wrong. She was always the best guide in tough situations. Overall whoever hires and listens to her advice is sure of winning the case.

    - Maheswari

  • Angel Traub and associates handled my case Which had special circumstances and did in a Professional and understanding manner. I would highly recommend them for any family Law case !! Thanks for your dedication and all The hard work Angel and associates.

    - Brian C.

  • It was an absolute pleasure working with attorney Traub. I came to her with a time sensitive matter and from the get-go, I knew she had my best interest at heart. Not only was she easy to talk to and very genuine, but she was also very responsive even though I'm sure she had a million other things to do. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

    - Satisfied Client

  • Angel is very smart, knowledgeable and a great person. She took care of my wife and myself legal matter very professionally and expedited way. Angel was upfront and fair about her billing. She is by far the best lawyer we ever had. I have already recommended Angel to co-workers and friends.

    - Satisfied Client

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