An Interview with Mediator Angel Traub
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Angel Traub, Illinois Mediation Attorney, Answers Common Questions About Mediation

Schaumburg certified mediator

Why did you choose to become a mediator if you are a divorce attorney?

We find that in many of the divorce cases we handle, there may be a less intrusive, less expensive, and less overwhelming process to settle any differences. The mediation process can address these issues. It is another service to be able to offer our valued clients that can have a very positive effect on all parties involved. Not all differences need to be settled by lengthy litigation if the parties involved already have an idea of a resolution.

How long have you been practicing mediation?

I have been a Mediator for eight years. To become a Mediator, you must either be an Attorney or a Licensed Social Worker, and you must attend a 40-hour Mediation Certification, as well as annual continuing education in all area of Family and Civil disputes.

What types of cases can you mediate?

There are many types of cases that can benefit from mediation: family law, divorce, child support, child custody and allocation of parental responsibility, guardianship, probate, and trust administration, as well as real estate litigation and civil disputes.

How can mediation help me?

Mediation is designed to save money. More importantly, it will hopefully lead to an amicable resolution of disputes that can consider “out of the box” agreements that the standard legal system is not designed to achieve. This gives individuals the ability to craft agreements that are tailored to each party.

What is your personal style as a mediator?

I approach a mediation using a few key steps. First, we talk to build rapport and establish equal respect for each party. We will then identify key issues and personal sticking points, so we can tailor a resolution that will cater to each party's wishes. Throughout these meetings, we aim to keep things light-hearted. We prefer a low-pressure environment and try to find the light side of difficult situations.

How long does a mediation case take to complete?

It is difficult to give a timeframe, as it depends on each party's key issues. Mediation, though, always takes significantly less time than court litigation.

How do I talk to you to see if my case fits in mediation guidelines?

Contact our office to set up an initial consultation between one of our mediators and each party involved. We will discuss the process and your goals to see if it is a good fit.

What is your success rate with mediation cases?

The mediation process is extremely effective if both parties are committed to crafting a lasting resolution.

How much does mediation cost?

Done correctly, the mediation process can cost as little as 10-20 percent of the traditional in-court litigation process. It is also easier to schedule mediation sessions around your work and everyday life. Many times, in traditional litigation, the parties must take time off work to appear in court proceedings.

What sets you apart from other mediators?

Our personal approach and passion for the process, as well as taking a humanistic approach. We are very inventive in coming up with unique solutions.

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