Will mediation result in a binding agreement?
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Will Mediation Result in a Binding Agreement?

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Mediation is a confidential, non-binding process that is facilitated by a neutral, third-party mediator. Though the mediator controls the process, the participants ultimately control the outcome. Mediation can be voluntary or court-ordered. In either case, the participants are under no obligation to agree to a settlement, and they are free to end the process at any time.

While there is no guarantee that mediation will result in a binding agreement, there is a good chance of this happening under the right circumstances. Some important factors in the success of mediation include:

  • The Mindset of the Participants: Parties involved in mediation should enter the process in good faith and with the intention of settling their differences. They should also understand that they will not get everything they want and be willing to make some compromises. If participants enter with this mindset, there is a better chance of coming to an agreement.
  • The Experience and Skill of the Mediator: The mediator plays an important role in the success of the process. For this reason, it is essential to work with a mediator who has extensive experience with cases like yours and a strong track record of successful negotiations.

To learn more about the mediation process and the likelihood that it will be successful in your case, contact our office today at 847-749-4337.

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