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DuPage County Court-Ordered Mediation Attorneys

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Court-Appointed Mediators in DuPage, Kane, and Cook Counties

There are two general types of mediation: voluntary and court-ordered. Parties to a legal dispute can choose mediation voluntarily at any point in the process. Court-ordered mediation occurs after a case has been filed in an attempt to bring the parties to an agreement on certain issues. If the parties are able to agree on their own, they can avoid the time and cost of litigating the issues.

At A. Traub & Associates, we provide both voluntary and court-ordered mediation from two convenient offices in Lombard and Arlington Heights. Attorney Angel Traub is a certified mediator with in-depth experience and a successful track record helping parties resolve legal disputes. She serves as a court-appointed child custody and parenting time mediator in DuPage, Cook, and Kane Counties, as well as a certified and approved financial mediator for divorce in Cook County.

The Court-Appointed Mediation Process

Mediation is a non-binding process that is facilitated by a neutral, third-party mediator who attempts to bring the parties toward a mutually acceptable agreement. In Illinois, circuit courts may mandate mediation for certain types of cases. This is most common in divorce and parentage cases involving allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time, relocation, and other non-child support issues. Mediation may also be mandated in some cases for non-child related issues such as disputes over finances.

Local court rules vary regarding how the mediation is handled (e.g., how many mediation sessions are required, how long each session will last, confidentiality provisions, etc.). Most counties allow parties to choose their own mediator. If the parties are unable to agree on a mediator, the court appoints one from their list of court-certified mediators.

There are cases in which court-mandated mediation may not be required. This usually occurs when there is a history of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, and mental illness, and/or if one party has an order of protection against the other. In such cases, a judge can waive the requirement for court-ordered mediation.

Speak With an Experienced Cook County Court-Ordered Mediation Lawyer

If you are involved in a case that may require court-mandated mediation, it is in the best interests of both parties to use this process to resolve your differences. For this to occur, it is important to choose a mediator who is experienced and has a history of success. Attorney Angel Traub has helped hundreds of parties come to workable and peaceful resolutions through mediation. For a personalized consultation with Attorney Traub, contact our office today at 847-749-4337.

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