What does mediation cost?
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What Does Mediation Cost in Illinois?

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Mediators typically charge by the hour, with fees ranging from $100 to $500 per hour or more. That said, the rate charged by the mediator is just one of several factors that impact the cost of mediation. Other major factors include:

  • The Type of Mediation you are Receiving: There are two general types of mediation: court-ordered and voluntary. Court-ordered mediation occurs in cases that have already been filed in court in which parties cannot agree on certain issues. Depending on the county, a mediator may be appointed, or parties may choose their own. Voluntary mediation is done privately outside of court, and the parties always choose their own mediator.
  • The Complexity of Your Case: If your case is fairly simple and straightforward, it could be resolved with one or two hour-long mediation sessions. If there are more complex issues to address, more and/or longer sessions may be required. In general, the more complicated your case, the more mediation will cost.
  • The Level of Experience and Competency of the Mediator: The experience and skill of the mediator is a major factor in the cost of mediation, because if the mediator does not have an in-depth understanding of the issues to be resolved and how to bring parties together, the process is likely to take longer, and there is a greater chance it will end without a resolution. It is also important for the mediator to understand the legal issues involved, because if an agreement is made that is not legally enforceable, it may cost more time and money to go back and fix it. Before beginning the process, it is best to find a mediator who is also a legal professional and has a strong track record of success with this process.

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