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Mediation is a process used by parties involved in a legal dispute to come to a resolution on their own. Mediation can be voluntary or court-ordered. Voluntary mediation can be initiated at any point during a legal proceeding. The process is usually started before a court filing, and parties are free to choose their own mediator.

At A. Traub & Associates, we understand the emotional and financial toll legal disputes can have on the parties involved, and we have helped numerous clients resolve their disputes amicably and more affordably through mediation. Attorney Angel Traub is a certified mediator with several years of experience helping clients resolve legal disputes through this process. She has a high rate of success in private, voluntary mediations, and many of her clients have been able to benefit from this form of alternative dispute resolution.

Voluntary mediation can work for virtually any type of legal dispute. This includes:

The Benefits of Voluntary Mediation

When parties choose to go to private mediation, they are often able to settle their disputes amicably and economically. Since the parties choose the process voluntarily, they are often more motivated to reach a successful resolution. Mediation is guided by a neutral, third-party mediator who facilitates a discussion between the parties toward a workable agreement. Though the mediator facilitates the process, the parties are in charge of the outcome. The mediator cannot impose a settlement on those involved; any settlement must be agreed upon by both sides for it to become legally enforceable.

There are several advantages to voluntary mediation, including:

  • The process can allow parties to bypass traditional litigation, which usually saves time and money.
  • The process is cooperative rather than combative, allowing both sides to be heard and to work toward a mutual understanding.
  • The process is kept private and confidential and does not become part of the public court record.
  • The process provides more flexibility for the parties to develop customized solutions for their specific needs.
  • The process empowers the parties to develop their own agreement, making it much more likely that they will comply with it.

Speak With a Compassionate Glen Ellyn Voluntary Mediation Lawyer

When parties are involved in a legal dispute, it can be costly for both sides. Choosing mediation can help the parties come to a workable, peaceful, and cost-efficient resolution. At A. Traub & Associates, we offer our voluntary mediation services for those who want to take advantage of this process. For a personalized consultation with our experienced mediation attorney, contact our office today at 847-749-4337.

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